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Lynx 1 Lunger 100 Race Sled
Owned by:
Don's Vintage Cats & Magic Powersports
This "Lynx" sled is made from parts found in
the boneyard at the back.  
We are using a Hirth 194R 340CC engine.  This
sled is Son / Father assembled and raced.
We hope to finish some races this winter.
One Lunger 100 Race
May have 2 drivers
1973 & older 1 cylinder
100 miles
2 mile laps with straights and switch backs
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Don McLennan - # 61
January 1971
Winnipeg - St. Paul Race
2nd day, Crookston MN.
Waiting in the staging area.
January 24/2007
Newly Acquired
1970 Arctic Cat Panther
340 Sachs C engine - Sled ID tag model 340 SC
Raced 1970 in Winnipeg - St. Paul I-500
Raced locally in 1970 & 1971 winters.
In fairly good running condition.
Twin fuel tanks
August 1/2007 - Sled now updated but still mostly original
1975 Z 250
Purchased March 11/2007
Engine now has a nicer crankshaft, new pistons and rings, repro seat cover.
Hope to enter a couple of stock drags this coming winter
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1972 Puma 340 Sachs
Oct 13/2003
1972 Puma 340SS Sachs
One Lunger 100 Race Sled
June 14/2015
1972 Puma 340SS
One Lunger 100 Race Sled
Snow Crusher One Lunger 2016
Letellier, Manitoba
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