Don's Vintage Cats
Family Photos
All of the above pictures were taken during Christmas of 2008 when our son, "Darrell" and
Granddaughter, "Destiny",  from Prince Albert, Saskatchewan were with us for Christmas.
This page created on December 26/2008 & updated February 13/2017
Family Ride on January 2/2009 with our daughter, "Kim" and Grandson, "Damian".
March 7/2010
Don & Damian (Grandson) leaving on a ride, 47 miles on a beautiful day.
Over 23,000 combined miles on these four sleds !
Family Ride Xmas 2008
The above 2 pictures are of Destiny (Granddaughter), Shawn & Sterling  on a trip to Hudson
Bay, Saskatchewan January 2017.  Dara (Granddaughter) took the picture.
Zrt & Jag ready for ride February 17/2017
Panther & Cheetah ready for trail riding February 23/2017