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1971 Lynx 793 Hirth Mod (Custom)
1971 Lynx
292 Kawasaki Single
This page created August 11/2008
updated May 21/2018
GM Design
August 11/2008
Hard at work
Springs attached
Bottom drive & track ready to be installed.
August 1/2008
Long shaft bulkhead from a 634 Panther
attached to original Lynx tunnel.
August 10/2008
Using a 634 Panther top drive &
brakes, also original Lynx pan.
793 engine installed.
August 22/2008
November 7/2008
First time fired up, idles quite nicely and seems quite responsive.
Using 34 Mikuni carbs.  
1971 Lynx 793 Hirth Mod Custom
First time on the snow.
Using original hood, will be completed in spring 2009
This is not intended to be a show sled, but will be used as a "hot rod rider",
as soon as I get more diggers on the track !!!
This sled is meant to look mean and sound twice as bad.
The sled comes equipped with earplugs as standard equipment.