This page created on May 22/2010 & updated February 22/2015
by GM Design
1969 Panther 744 JLO Mod
Bulkhead prepared and painted, attached to tunnel.
Pan sections, drive shaft and brakes attached.  New drive clutch, front drive ready.
744 JLO FA Mod (purchased in 1999)
This is a mod engine that came from the factory in a 1969 Panther some time in January 1969.
At the time it had a big mouth hood, twin megaphones, twin Tilley carbs with modified 372 JLO
cylinders.  It uses 100 over pistons & probably had milled heads from the factory.  To date,
there are believed to be 6 of these engines in existence.  I plan to install it back into a 1969
Panther, hopefully during the summer 2009.

For the full story on this very rare, early racing engine, please refer to page 28 of the
September 2008 issue of the VSCA Vintage Snowmobile Magazine.
Research & article by Carl Braun.
HERE for page 1 of story
HERE for page 2 of story
August 1/2010
Engine & megs now in place.  Refurbished track & drivers, repro seat cover & OEM
black plastic tank in place.  Rear bumper and tank cage, front bumper & handle bars
freshly chromed.  Rear suspension now done and installed as well as the correct driven
clutch.  A bit of engine work to do then on to the repro dash and big mouth racing hood.
Ski's and springs ready to go.
Hood and dash pretty well ready for a splash of paint.
Removed from the operating table to the floor.  Just checked again for spark
and with fuel it should be good to go.  Now, I need to find help to pull it over ! !
September 19/2010
Looks like the sled is pretty well finished, there are a couple of small items to
complete yet.  This sled is a close replica of the sled as it was when it left the factory
race shop during the 1968 - 1969 race season.  As previously stated, the 744 JLO
engine, megaphones and carbs are the originals from that Mod sled from the race shop.