50 Years Snowmobiling - 50 Years Arctic Cat Snowmobiles - 4 Generations  McLennan Family

In February 1968 at 30 years of age Don purchased his first snowmobile, a 1968 Ski Daddler 372 JL0.  
Later in November 1968 the first of his Arctic Cats, a 1969 Panther 372 JLO was purchased and this
family has never looked back.  With riding and racing Arctic Cat Snowmobiles it became a way of winter
life for Don and his family.  Who knew that 50 years later the passion would still be strong and now there
are 4 generations of the McLennan Clan riding and enjoying Arctic Cat Snowmobiles.

In 1989 Don started collecting and restoring Arctic Cat Snowmobiles which he has displayed at many shows
in Canada and the U.S.  The trophies for his sleds are numerous.  As of 2018 the collection of Arctic Cat
Snowmobiles range from 1969 - 2011 models with engines from 340 CC to 1000 CC Thundercat.  Included
in the collection is a 1972 60 CC AC Kitty Cat.  This is an awesome collection that is displayed in Don's
"Cat Cave" which was built in 2015 complete with AC purple floor.

Don competed in the International I-500 Cross Country Snowmobile Race (Winnipeg to St. Paul) in 1970,
1971 and 1974.  He completed the race in 1970.  Don's Vintage Cats is mentioned in the Arctic Cat 50th
Anniversary Book. He has belonged to Snowmobile Clubs since about 1974 and is one of the original
members of the local Cross Country Snow Drifters Club since it was formed in 1993.  He assists in the
signing of trails, etc. each winter.

Don's Son "Darrell" who lives in Prince Albert, Saskatchewan is also dedicated to Arctic Cat Snowmobiles
and owns a large number of Vintage Arctic Cats. Darrell has raced in the Can Am Cross Country Race
Circuit, competed in Water Cross, Drag Racing and One Lunger 100 Racing. Darrell has also been involved
with AC Snowmobiles for around 50 years. Together Don and Darrell have raced successfully in One
Lunger 100 races both in Canada and the U.S. as well as Drag Racing and Cross Country Racing.  Darrell
operates DM Powersport & Repair in Prince Albert, Saskatchewan.

Don's Daughter, "Kim" grew up riding Snowmobiles and now along with her Son, "Damian" both ride our
Snowmobiles.  Damian is hoping to purchase an Arctic Cat Snowmobile of his own in the near future.

Darrell's Daughter, "Destiny" rides AC's and has her own collection of 5 Arctic Cat Snowmobiles, a AC
cutter plus a AC 2014 side by side Prowler.  Destiny raced on a AC Kitty Cat at a young age and has also
raced in a One Lunger 100 race.  Darrell's other Daughter, "Dara" along with her 2 Daughters (Don's
Great Granddaughters) also enjoy riding the Arctic Cat Snowmobiles.

Through the years many Family trips have been enjoyed.  One that comes to mind was a trip to Yellowstone
National Park in 1990.  Don and Gail also rode a total of 520 miles ditch banging from Winnipeg to Prince
Albert in 1993 to visit Darrell.  Don and Gail in 1992 also completed a 1325 mile ride.  In 1996 Don and 3
friends rode 1350 miles through Manitoba, Ontario, Minnesota.  These are just a few of the longer rides
this family has enjoyed during the last 50 years.  As of 2018 we still put on about 1000 -1500 total miles
on our riding sleds each season.

50 Years AC from November 1968 to February 2018 & still counting
Don's Vintage Cats
Trip to Prince Albert, Saskatchewan in 1993 (Gail, Don, Darrell)
Destiny & Dara McLennan (Granddaughters)
Damian Lloyd (Grandson) 1999 (5 years old)
Daughter - Kim 2009
Jan 2006 One Lunger 100 Racing-
MacDowall, Saskatchewan - Darrell & Don
The Grandchildren
Don & Damian
Racing - Darrell
Don - 2016 Snowcrusher One Lunger 100 Letellier, MB.
Feb 13/2000 Don & Damian (6 years old)
The Great Granddaughters
Darrell-2006 Saltcoats, Sask.
Darrell in 1969 (9 years of age)
on Don's 1969 Panther 372 JLO
2012- Darrell with Daughters Destiny & Dara
& Granddaughters Brieanne & Annabelle (Dara's Girls)
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Darrell - Watercross
Brieanne & Annabelle 2018
Feb 1968
Don leaving for Waconia, MN. 2010